Friday, September 17, 2010

Now the Work Begins...

First question to be sorted out: What will be our signature item? (The item that we will send in bunches to the Nickelodeon executives.) Some have been suggested: footballs or pink ribbons or maps. Tell me what you think of those and maybe you'll come up with one on your own, if so leave a comment on this post.

Also of note, if you have any questions for me about anything, feel free to send me an email at

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Gears are in Motion Yet Again

For those who remember me, it's good to see you again and for those just stumbling upon me and my Save the Jungle Movie campaign, it's nice to meet you. As I've had a long and unexplained absence, I thought I should begin this innaugral post of the re-start of the campaign by giving a little history on it.

Being a longtime fan of Hey Arnold! for many years and like all of you feeling a little empty inside because of the absence of "The Jungle Movie", I decided in late 2008 to launch an aggressive fan-led letter campaign aimed at Nickelodeon modeled in the same vein as past campaigns for shows such as Friday Night Lights (whose fans raised $15,840 which was enough to send 18,750 to NBC executives) and Jericho (whose fans raised enough money to send CBS executives 20 tons of peanuts). I started up a small website ( and posted a notice for it on a message board. Word spread slowly but surely over 2009 and many people sent me e-mails to register for the campaign. But due to personal issues, I was not able to give it much attention. Now a year later, I have my life in order and can give the campaign my full attention.

Due to monetary problems, I wasn't able to continue to pay for the domain name rights to the old website and so have decided to set up shop here, where it will be easier to address the supporters. I have many ideas and plans set up to be revealed over the next two months, so please check frequently for updates.

To stay updated and involved, please make sure to follow these parts of the campaign: